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Trade Embalming

MacKinnon and Bowes have a proud history of embalming and the care and preparation of remains.  It has been a cornerstone of their collective success.    As industry leaders, they have the notable distinction as the very first Funeral providers in Canada to provide full service embalming and preparation for those persons that died with AIDS.    During the SARS crisis in Canada they were again front and center with solutions to care for and handle those persons that tragically succumbed to the disease.

Allan Cole has lectured throughout Canada to funeral directors and embalmers regarding the handling of  remains of individuals who died with or from a communicable disease.  Additionally he co-authored the recommended guidelines for the Ontario Board of Funeral Services on the implementation of universal precautions for transfers and the operating rooms of Funeral Homes.  Being innovative leaders in this field has earned MacKinnon & Bowes the distinction of being a source of information and direction for professional standards and methods of practice.

MacKinnon & Bowes does not just talk about achieving preparation goals and excellence, they sponsor, organize and host educational opportunities for their staff and colleagues on subjects such as:  

- Embalming and preparation of a remains following organ donation - (2015 with Bob Mayer)

- Embalming and preparation of a remains that has died with or as a result of infectious disease. (Dr. Allison McGeer 2014)

We are proud to belong to and adhere to the rigid standards of the American Society of Embalmers. With eighteen licensed Funeral Director on staff, working with the most modern of equipment and facilities, we are proud to say that we consistently achieve optimum results in embalming and post mortem reconstruction.

Through our network of nationwide locations, MacKinnon and Bowes can provide embalming services in every Province and Territory in Canada.   Internationally, MacKinnon and Bowes is connected and  networked to professional suppliers of embalming services throughout the world.


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