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MacKinnon & Bowes

2 Meridian Road,
Toronto, ON M9W 4Z7
Phone: (416) 465-7508, or Our Toll Free North America Wide # 1-800-268-6736.
Fax: (416) 465-6756

Become a Rep

Would you like to be a MacKinnon & Bowes rep in your area?                                                                                 

MacKinnon and Bowes requires the following:

  • Top quality prompt service providers with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.
  • Fair and reasonable trade prices to be invoiced directly and only to MacKinnon & Bowes.  An itemized account is to be sent only to MacKinnon & Bowes upon the  completion of the services requested.
  • Clear, concise and prompt communication  with complete information and updates of the specific case with our office.
  • Thorough and professional embalming services in keeping with the high standards that MacKinnon & Bowes is known for.  
  • A thoroughly completed MacKinnon and Bowes embalming report. Report must be returned to MacKinnon and Bowes prior to shipping and one sealed  copy packaged with remains and transfer paperwork.
  • All remains to be thoroughly sanitized,  restored and packaged with coverall/unionall and appropriately secured within the transit container.

We at MacKinnon and Bowes strive to be fair and equitable in our use of outside sources. We make every effort to use our loyal customers when choosing an outside resource.

Please contact us at here to request more information on becoming a resource rep for MacKinnon and Bowes.



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