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Airplane Private Charter Services

Although it's usually a rare occasion that would necessitate the hiring of a private aircraft to transport the remains of a loved one, MacKinnon & Bowes is pleased to be able to offer this service upon request.
Over the years, we have been called upon to provide this service, which we are able to readily accomplish through our many Aircraft charter affiliates.

Answering Services

For over 4 decades our entire company has been focused on service excellence. During that time, we have had the opportunity to serve as the after hours communications contact for many members of the Funeral Service Profession.
Our operators are trained to handle even the most difficult call with compassion and respect. We are extremely proud to say that we are the preferred provider in our market because we consistently provide premium service and real value to all of our clients and the families they are privileged to serve.

Shipping Internationally

Since 1966, MacKinnon & Bowes has lead the way as the most  recognized resource for the international repatriation or shipment of deceased persons.
It is through this role that we continue to serve not only funeral directors, but also an increasing variety of individuals and organizations who are interested in the international forwarding of remains.

Car Services

MacKinnon & Bowes maintains a fleet of high quality funeral vehicles in order to provide your firm with the most professional service that you may require at any time.  Well attired trained staff serve your needs professionally and affordably.

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