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Removals and Transfers: MacKinnon & Bowes was founded in 1966 by licensed funeral directors offering transfers and embalming to funeral homes in the Toronto area.   Several decades later, this aspect of our business remains the cornerstone of our success. The privilege of representing another firm or institution for the transfer of a remains is still the largest part of what we do. There is a lot at stake when a funeral home entrusts their name and reputation to someone else to represent them.  We have known this since the first day we began to provide service.

House transfer,  circa 1973

Professionally trained staff with late model vehicles and equipment enable us to represent you in the manner that you would expect. We have the largest staff of licensed personnel and funeral director assistants of any assistance agency in the country. We employ 18 licensed funeral directors to assist you and or oversee every aspect of the service we provide. Our fleet currently has 11 late model transfer vans.

Personal effects record keeping and reporting together with chain of custody declarations are key differences that set MacKinnon & Bowes apart from the regular "removal company". Backing and infrastructure like professional liability insurance and employer liability insurance  lessens the risk associated with your firm.

Our entire staff is attired in business suits and represent you with an air of dignity and professionalism. Removals and transfers are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 90% of the Greater Toronto Area Funeral Providers rely on MacKinnon & Bowes for overnight coverage of their service requirements.

The next time you see a MacKinnon & Bowes employee at 8.00 AM, he or she may well be finishing off their night shift and on their way home. Don't forget to say thanks for the coverage as MacKinnon & Bowes is the prevailing choice for Greater Toronto Area funeral establishments for overnight transfers, house-calls and phone answering.

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