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Testimonials & Letters of Thanks

Blair James, Assistant Deputy Minister, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada -  July 2010 " On behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the outstanding contribution that MacKinnon & Bowes made to the Haiti earthquake response".

Letter of thanks from Premier Kathleen Wynne for MacKinnon & Bowes participation in the Governments "Tribute to the Fallen" 2013 ceremony.

The Palm Group of Funeral Homes, Las Vegas - Nevada.  "The Palm Las Vegas group of funeral homes appreciates the level of professionalism...... From the time we signed on we have been confident that your firm has worked on our behalf to better serve our community".

John O'Brien - Ted C. Sullivan Funeral Home - Novi, Michigan -   "You accomplished in one day what we have been trying since October".

Mike Abbott - President,  Ontario Police Memorial, "We thank you again for providing a valuable service to the families on the day they gather to remember their loved ones, and for helping to make the Ceremony of Remembrance such a heartfelt and memorable event".

Dr. Catherine Bergeron, MD, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Toronto,  July 2014  "His firm was always available, day and night, week-ends and holidays.  They are prompt, efficient, caring, and entirely reliable".

Morley Bedford Funeral Home - Toronto, "your evening phone representative brought a family to tears with her compassionate handling of the first call".  "they were tears of relief knowing that their mother was in such great hands".

An appreciative family in 2015 following a tragedy in  Prague, Czech Republic and the Assistance provided for the Repatriation back to North America.

Sergeant at Arms - United States Senate -  the repatriation of a serving United States Senator from Canada to Washington, D.C., "The professionalism, efficiency and sensitivity you and your staff demonstrated on this sad occasion did honor to his memory".

President of the Ontario Police Memorial:  May 2014 - "thank you for considering the needs of families......  and thank you for providing a valuable service to the families on the day they gather to remember their loved ones".

LCol GM Sansterre, Canadian Forces National Investigative Service - "It is readily apparent that your personal efforts extend above and beyond the contractual obligations of MacKinnon & Bowes Ltd".

Brigadier-General D.C. (Craig) Hilton, June 2013 -  "The knowledge you brought to the segment on the discussion of the human cost of conflict was extremely valuable.  Students appreciated the the clarity and passion of your briefing and your contribution to the seminar cannot be overstated".

David Scanlan & Jerry Roberts - Arbor Memorial Services -
" Every day, your firm provides special avenues of service to our funeral homes and cemeteries from coast to coast.  
Thank you and your team of outstanding professionals for the continued effort to elevate our collective station in the death care business."  

Humber College Funeral Service Education Faculty - "the "Day at MacKinnon & Bowes" field trip you hosted for our students afforded them the kind of hands on experience we longed to provide but did not have the resources to do so".

David Morris, Vice President - Health Care Relocations -  2013 - "The highly organized and efficient team represents a true asset for specialized outsource requirements related to the mortuary and human sciences field. The staff of MacKinnon & Bowes , I feel, is capable of handling any type of project they are tasked with.  They will be a valuable addition to any Government entities employing them".

Peel Regional Police Service - "Your staff has consistently exemplified the ideals of dignity, professionalism, and efficiency".

December 2014,  Letter of congratulations from Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, Ottawa Canada  to acknowledge our 50th Anniversary.

Roger Girouard - Canadian College of Funeral Service - "We appreciate the time, effort and work that you did to prepare for the presentation and for the session itself".

Wayne Weatherbee, Sydney Memorial Chapel, Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada "  When your day starts with a call from across the country or the other side of the world, it's great to have a service like MacKinnon & Bowes.  ..... since the sixties, has raised the bar for funeral services with transfers from all over the world".

David Scotland - Scotland Funeral Home - Elgin, Ontario. shipment from Clearwater, Florida "I want to thank you, Kirsten, and Luc for looking after us so well that night, but more importantly our family in need, they thank you as well".

Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, Monsignor Thomas Kalarathil, Director Clergy Personnel and Chaplaincy, Answering Service Client since 2011   "Please  allow me to begin by expressing my sincere thanks to you and all of your staff for the professional and compassionate work that you do.    ...  (I have found them to be)  knowledgeable, personable, helpful and accommodating: often going above and beyond to ensure that the needs of our callers are always addressed.  When problems arise, MacKinnon & Bowes can be counted on to address them promptly and efficiently".

Commanding Officer - Royal Canadian Regiment - 2007   "Without your expertise and ability to deal with other organizations this monumental task would have presented a seemingly insurmountable task.  I thank you for going above and beyond time and again coordinating all the necessary elements with the utmost pride".

Johanne Charron, Directrice Operatoins - Pottruff & Smith - Travel Health Insurance & Assistance, "No matter where in the world our customers are, we know that you'll provide them with all the support and all the services required with the greatest respect".

Reg Gamble - C.R. Gamble Funeral Home - Almonte - "They are definitely a funeral directors answer to professionalism....   I wish this sort of service had been available 35 years ago, I could have enjoyed many more hours of "time off"".

Ron Moffit Memorial Services, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba - "  we don't have to worry about the details when they are in your care".

Peter MacDonald - P&K MacDonald Funeral Home, Nova Scotia,  "We highly recommend the answering services provided by MacKinnon & Bowes....  Their operators are skilled communicators who understand the funeral profession".

Dalton McGuinty - Premier of Ontario - "thank you for your generous assistance in helping our government pay fitting tribute to Ontario's fallen police officers".

"Their ability to deal with our surge requirements on short notice make them a valuable resource in our supply chain.  The leadership demonstrated by this firm in the service of our profession is notable and worthy of recognition".  Terry Eccles, Regional Director, Arbor Memorial Services,

Peter Francis - Francis Funeral Home, Tavistock, Ontario. "In business we sometimes forget to recognize the "behind the scenes personnel".  It is always a pleasure to work with the management and staff of MacKinnon & Bowes Limited".

Valleyview Funeral Home - Surrey, British Columbia. " We forward our telephone lines to the MacKinnon & Bowes Staff after hours.... The funeral home continues to have a funeral director on call at night, but thanks to the professional service of MacKinnon & Bowes,they are rarely called upon".

Jay Branton - SCI - Dignity, "You and your team are a valued resource to our industry and I am pleased that our two companies work so well together".

Jayson Gordon - SCI -Dignity Memorial - British Columbia.  "Based on the feedback I have received, I find MacKinnon & Bowes to be a very professional and reliable service.  As they employ funeral professionals, we have a high degree of confidence in the manner in which phones are answered".

Spalding Mortuary - Los Angeles, California.  "Thank you for your efficient, prompt and courteous services rendered for .........  We would definitely use your company again and recommend you to others".

salons funéraires Désourdy, Cowansville, (Québec),  - "It is the second or third times I work with you and it is always a pleasure to work with professional like you".  

Heritage Funeral Services, Calgary, Alberta, Canada- "It is always a pleasure to work with all of you, and to know that your company is committed to caring for the families we serve".

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