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MacKinnon & Bowes  is Canada's first and only specialized Mortuary Repatriation company focused on the repatriation of deceased persons to or from Canada.  Professionalism,  expertise and compassion are the key elements that MacKinnon & Bowes focuses upon to represent Funeral Homes,  Travel Insurers and Assistance companies when a death occurs.   

MacKinnon & Bowes  has become well known to many Funeral providers as the go-to people for the repatriation of deceased persons from all over the world.  Their vast experience enables them to draw upon nearly 50 years of exceptional service to serve clients from all walks of life from every corner of the world.

MacKinnon & Bowes is not a retail funeral outlet and as such they do not serve the general public.  Their staff of licensed service professionals serves funeral homes,  Government agencies and institutions like Health Canada, the Federal Departments of Foreign Affairs,  and Defence.   Many in the Travel insurance industry have come to rely on MacKinnon & Bowes to provide expert advise, contain costs, and facilitate efficient and compassionate repatriation services when the need arises. Shipments from Canada or repatriations to Canada is their particular forte.

Their extensive knowledge of requirements associated with the forwarding or repatriation of remains has created a mutually beneficial link with funeral providers coast to coast.  Many families feel very strongly about facilitating the burial of a loved on in the country of their birth.   For those people, nothing is more important to family members than the care and handling of their loved one and the expedited return of their remains to their own country.   Similarly, traveling Canadian's that meet with misadventure that result in death overseas must be repatriated quickly in a dignified and appropriate manner.   The somber nature of the services they provide together with the complex requirements associated with an unexpected death demand a particular sort of professionalism. 

Cultural & religious circumstances, legal requirements, and financial implications are all considerations taken into account by skilled professionals during the repatriation of a deceased person.    Some families may opt for cremation overseas however cremation is not a universally accepted practice and not always available as an alternative to full body repatriation.   Funeral customs,  rituals, and preferences differ greatly from one culture to another.  A MacKinnon & Bowes service professional helps all parties understand and appreciate the various dynamics, legal requirements, and financial implications that relate to each case.    

Over the years, MacKinnon & Bowes has been involved in many high profile, well known and publicized cases involving tragic loss of life and  international circumstances.  The dignified and compassionate  management of all details has earned them the reputation and title as experts in the field of repatriation of remains and the care and handling of grieving family members.

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