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Shipments Within North America

MacKinnon & Bowes leads the way in Canada by providing shipments and cremations from every major urban center in North America.  Over the years we have established a network of excellent service providers throughout Canada and the United States.  Whether your requirements are in Toronto or Edmonton, or Calgary, or Vancouver or Miami, you can count on the MacKinnon & Bowes fair pricing model and attention to detail to represent your firm.   Our service providers are known for their quality workmanship and excellent standards of practice.   Funeral homes throughout Canada rely on MacKinnon & Bowes whenever they have a call outside their regular calling area.  Don't just choose a name of a service provider far away from a trade publication, entrust your call to the people you know and trust at MacKinnon & Bowes.   Fair pricing and our Signature Service guarantee give your the peace of mind you need with a call far away.    Prices provided upon request.

MacKinnon and Bowes is able to co-ordinate all of the details for the repatriation of remains by engaging a qualified service professional in the Province or State where the death occurred that will serve on your behalf until the remains arrives safely at your Funeral Home.  

If you only require flight booking for that far away call, we can help with that too.    For those who would like to take advantage of MaKinnon and Bowes "Known/ Registered Shipper Status" and on-line flight booking please click Here.

For those special circumstances  that require airline arrangements other than by commercial carrier,  we have access to Private Charter Services located Here.

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