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Medical Science Donation

It is seldom that we are presented with an opportunity to perform a truly noble act: an act that is solely for the benefit of our fellow human beings, one that celebrates the importance of life, health and natural connection we have with one another.

When a person donates their body for anatomical study and medical research, it is a generous gift that, above all else, is a gift of knowledge. With this gift, donors make an invaluable contribution to the education of tomorrow's Dr's by helping to expand our students knowledge in preparation for a lifetime of healthcare, research, and healing. The value of body and tissue donation is immeasurable and is felt for generations - as the students of today become the doctors and teachers of tomorrow.

Organ donation from one individual can help up to eight others. Tissue donation from one individual can help up to 75 others.  There is no doubt, organ donation saves lives.  Funeral directors can play a key role in promoting organ donation at the time of pre-arrangement or in some limited cases - after the death has occurred.  Please review and feel free to download the attached posters to promote organ donation in your community.

MacKinnon and Bowes works with many Schools of Anatomy and Medical Institutions-  some are listed below:

The University of Toronto

The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

The Eye Bank of Canada- Ontario Division

Trillium Gift of Life  - Organ Donation Program

If you or a loved one would like any information on full body bequeathal or organ donation,  please contact us at

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