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MacKinnon & Bowes

2 Meridian Road,
Toronto, ON M9W 4Z7
Phone: (416) 465-7508, or Our Toll Free North America Wide # 1-800-268-6736.
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Exterior shot - Front Entrance Way of Building.   Street view. The building is approximately 21,500 square feet with offices, meeting rooms, product assembly areas, refrigerated holding & morgue facility.   There is room for 14 cars to be stored inside for detailing and staging. The telephone answering division is housed in the main part of the building.

Upper board room - meeting area.  This area is used for staff training, organization of large requirements, or meetings.  Much of what hangs on the walls represents acknowledgements and recognition for many of the situations that MacKinnon  Bowes has been involved in over the years.

Main garage and staging area. Able to hold 14 vehicles and construction of all shipping containers and materials.  This area is controlled by an HVAC system dedicated to this specific area and ventilated to the outside.

Telephone answering and communications area.  Our telephone equipment,  software, and fiber optics connected network  enable us to seamlessly answer unlimited incoming and outgoing requirements.   Dedicated IT and industry specific infrastructure create a state of the art resource to support the service requirements for this division.  Professionalism and compassion are the cornerstone of this part of our business.   We are particularly proud of the dedicated service professionals that work in this area 24/7/365.

Preparation room.  State of the art facilities, equipment and supplies enable our technical operators to achieve professional results in restorative art and embalming.

Assembly & staging area.  Every product produced or assembled at MacKinnon & Bowes undergoes quality inspection to ensure consistent standards.

Much of the building can be converted to suit the need.  In this case the lower assembly area has been converted into an educational area for training.

Training and demonstration area.  Visitors and staff members are invited to inspect every aspect of our facility to educate and promote professional awareness.

Training and demonstration area.  MacKinnon & Bowes regularly holds training and education seminars open to industry professionals on  subjects ranging from "SARS and the funeral professional" & "proper lifting techniques".

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